Dos in an Antique Fair

You go to an antique fair after doing intensive research. Now you know what to buy. Here are some pointers to remember additionally.

1. Dress appropriately

Always wear comfortable shoes and a dress. Since these fairs happen in open spaces, you need to adjust to the hot and cold temperatures. So plan ahead.

2. Bring bags

Know how you will transport the product. Bring the appropriate size bag necessary. Also, carry blankets to safeguard brittle or sensitive items. Extra covers also prevent the dust from the fairs from entering your car.

3. Be careful of expensive items

Unknowingly you might carry expensive jewelry or watches you might not notice in the crowd. You can only sometimes be aware when you are on a shopping spree, particularly in a crowded place. So keep your phones close and your wallets closer.

4. Have cash

Some vendors may accept credit cards, and some may not. Some places may be remote, and ATMs can be available so far only. So please bring extra cash but remember to keep the rolls safe.

Antique fairs

5. Be punctual

Antique fairs are time-sensitive. Your favorite item may run down before you can see it. So rush to the place and be informed about the opening time.
Again if you are looking for good deals, arrive late. Vendors become generous as they leave and have to pack a lot of leftovers.

6. Bring your shopping collection

A flashlight is necessary; you will know the necessity only when the light goes down. So be informed and bring anyway. Also, bring sunscreen, hand wipes, hand sanitizer, and whatever is necessary.
Although these fairs are full of food vendors, bring your food and water if you are careful of outside food. Also, be sure to bring snacks to keep your energy levels high. All the walking, bargaining, and shopping will be tiring.

7. Be ready to bargain

Don’t think it is not polite to bargain. All vendors prepare themselves to do so. They almost expect it. So prepare on your side and know the value of products at least roughly.
Don’t lose money and cry over spilled milk later. At the same time, don’t agitate or insult your vendor. Instead, use your people skills or bring a street-smart person if you aren’t.

8. Use your phone

Keep your phone handy. Use the option of calling a friend or audience poll whenever necessary. It is also possible to get separated from the person accompanying you. To avoid extra stress and anxiety, keep your phone safe and handy to access it at once. It will also help note down the item’s booth number so you can reference it later. You might not remember such information later, particularly after a tiring day of the walk.

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