Guide to Buying at Antique and Vintage Fairs

Do you happen to get confused and overwhelmed at the sheer number of antiques and vintage items in the fairs? Do you find yourself purchasing poor-quality antiques and vintage items?

If so, then you can change this by following a few important things. In this guide, you will learn many tips that will help you become a smart buyer and make the most of your time at the fair. Read on to learn more:

Do Your Research Beforehand

It helps to show an active interest in antiques and vintage items and do some research on them a few weeks before the fair begins. As a buyer, it is vital for you to develop your own taste. You will want to be clear on the kind of aesthetic you are looking for.

Don’t Miss the First Day of the Fair

Usually, many people make the mistake of going to the fair on the second or third day. As a result, they miss many unique items that people buy before noon on the first day. It is best to be among the first to step into the fair. You will also want to stick around until the evening because you may end up getting some great discounts.

Ask the Dealers Plenty of Questions

When you are inquiring about a particular antique or vintage item that has caught your attention, it is best to take your time and examine it closely. Make sure to check if the item works properly or if you will need to repair it.

You will also want to ask plenty of questions to the dealers. It helps to learn more about the dealers themselves. If you like what the dealer has to sell, you can stay in touch and purchase from them even after the fair.

Be Willing to Negotiate


It’s okay to ask the dealer to reduce the price as long as you do it respectfully. Haggling in these fairs is generally a no-no, and it can create a bad impression. A great way to get dealers to negotiate is if you are willing to purchase more than just one item at their stall. Also, if you want to get fair prices on the items, it is best to dress simple. If you wear expensive apparel, the dealers are more likely to charge you a higher price for the antiques.

Use Your Phone to Research on the Spot

Make sure you have the internet on your smartphone while at the fair because you will use it a lot! You can look up the prices of antiques or vintage items on popular shopping websites to make price comparisons.

To Sum Up

By following the tips mentioned in this guide, you are sure to take home with you some incredible antiques and vintage items. Lastly, remember to enjoy yourself and not become too serious about the whole experience.

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