Reasons for Purchasing Vintage and Antique Jewelry

When a piece of jewelry is over a hundred years old, it should be referred to as an antique. Jewelry that is over a century old is considered antique which is also called as vintage, but as we have already discovered, the distinctions are sometimes confused. Therefore, investing in antique jewelry distinguishes you as the happy owner of a special object that represents extraordinarily fine craftsmanship. Here are some reasons to buy antique jewelry.

Superior quality

While the majority of contemporary jewelry is molded, antique and vintage pieces are often handcrafted or at the absolute minimum hand-finished. Highly experienced artisans take their time to create exquisite and one-of-a-kind items for bespoke orders rather than the mass market when making antique and vintage jewelry. This is seen from the excellent craftsmanship in vintage and antique jewelry, which is more exquisite and polished than the majority of items made nowadays.

Excellent value

Jewelry from more than a century ago was typically handmade and rarely produced in big quantities, therefore it tends to be valuable. A vintage or an antique piece will typically be less expensive than a contemporary equivalent due to the absence of processing expenses and the stones are less expensive. Old-cut stones, however, are by no means limited to modern stones; on the contrary, they are extremely sought-after and collectible. Jewelry that is old or vintage regularly has a higher value than jewelry that is new.

It’s distinctive and romantic

If you purchase an item of antique jewelry, rare that you’ll ever find another exactly like it. While many contemporary pieces are largely concentrated on the size of the stones, ancient pieces were crafted with attention to design and craftsmanship. Even popular designs like solitaire diamond engagement rings were distinctive in earlier times because they were frequently made to order and by hand with exquisite flourishes like carved shanks, pierced openwork galleries, and accent stones, which are very seldom seen in contemporary jewelry due to the high cost.

Environment friendly

There is jewelry available that is crafted from ethically sourced materials, but it costs more, and even with the greatest of efforts, you could never be completely sure of its impact. Since it requires a lot of energy and water to mine precious metals and gemstones, it is impossible to make new jewelry in a sustainable manner. When you decide to purchase a stunning item of vintage or antique jewelry, you make the decision to be a conservationist as opposed to a consumer.


It’s a financial Invest

If you’ve ever attempted to sell used jewelry, you’ve probably been shocked by the low price you received. This is so because the value of contemporary jewelry is determined by the wholesale prices of the gemstone and metal components. Due to the uniqueness of each piece and the inability to replicate them using current production techniques, vintage and antique jewelry are more valuable than the total of its components. In general, antique jewelry is more valuable even though it is less expensive.

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