What Makes You An Antique Collector?

Antique Collectors look for items of quality. However, you don’t always have to look to sell an antique as an antique collector. As a collector, you can collect for personal use, also.

Why an antique collector collects

Once a collector, always a collector. You could have been collecting different objects all through your life. First, it might have started with shiny objects. Then, you might have gradually moved towards collecting toys, coins, stamps, clothes, cars, and now old objects of value.

antique collector

Besides cars and jewels, books, maps, artwork, clocks, crystals, furniture, and quilts are commonly known antiques. However, stranger collectibles are gaining interest every day as technology comes in. One such strange collectible is a giant Starbucks coffee cup. Other stranger items include Poke man cards, haunted dolls, and even faded t-shirts. If you support these, you are an antique collector.

There is always an objective as to why an Antique Collector collects. They like preserving memories of past times and preserving classics. Genetics also plays a key role here. You could come from a family who loves to collect and respect classics.

The motive of an antique collector

Connecting with others of the same interest is always alluring, mainly when your interest is unique and special. Learn what makes antique collectors unique.

Collecting is a hobby. A collector collects for fun. For them, it is as thrilling as any outdoor adventure can provide.

They invest. Some collectibles may be accessible such as a sea shell or an object you find out of nowhere. If you are lucky, it might also be an antique. But some antiques you come across demand your hard-earned money. Antique collector doesn’t let money stop them from uniting with their newfound love.

They are involved. Antique collector spends time decorating and taking care of their collectible. They do it so religiously and lovingly.

What makes a seasoned antique collector?

They know to spot the fake. Some people reproduce popular items. Such items are fake as they are not aged. They might appear similar such as Depression glass. An antique collector only knows that the designs in the glass are raised and not etched.

Also, they know such products have bubbles in them. Similar products have clashing colors in them. Such glass products don’t emit luminous light when tilted around. Other such products could have flaws in their molds. A learned collector knows such nuances.

They also know an antique doesn’t always have to be expensive. A collector knows the value of collectibles by informing themselves through historical context or from external help.

A collector may only know some of the antiques there are. But they know enough about their collection and have a fair share of the idea about what to do with them.

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